Hotel Weisser Schwan

Excerpts from our menu


Mixed salad plate
with green salad, seasonal vegetables, and homemade dressing with croutons

Exquisite smoked salmon
with a salad bouquet, fine horseradish cream, and baguette

Beef carpaccio 
with balsamic vinegar, Parmesan, and bread corners

Ragout served in a vol-au-vent a,g,c,n,j,d,3
gratinated with butter cheese, served with a salad bouquet


Vine tomato cream soup
with fresh herbs and butter croutons

Horseradish cream soup
with beetroot pesto and croutons

Weimar onion soup with onion strips glazed in butter
refined with white wine and marjoram, served with cheese croutons

Cold dishes

Mixed snack platter
with sausage and cheese specialities, a selection of bread, and butter

Sausage salad à la maison
with onions, garden herbs, a vinegar and oil salad sauce, and bread

Vegetarian dishes

Crispy vegetable stir-fry
with noodles in a creamy cheese sauce, au gratin

Herb omelette
filled with mushroom ragout, served with crispy fried potatoes

Fish dishes

Poached salmon filet
with leaf spinach and spaghetti, served with a creamy sauce refined with prawns

Hake filet fried in olive oil
served with leek, tomatoes, and parsley potatoes

Trout "Miller"
 served with almond butter, salad garnish, and herb potatoes

Meat dishes

Mixed salad plate with fried turkey strips
and homemade dressing

Pork loin Schnitzel
with mushroom ragout, salad garnish, and chips

Tender chicken breast filet
with sweet and sour Asian vegetables and gnocchi

Hearty roast pork
from the crest with dark beer sauce, baby carrots, and croquettes

Curried strips of
young turkey, with a fruity taste, served with tagliatelle

Larded roast venison
in Burgundy sauce with red cabbage cooked with apple and cranberry cream, served with Thuringian dumplings

Tender, stewed beef roulade made with an old home recipe
served with red cabbage cooked with apple and Thuringian dumplings

Thuringian sauerbraten
with Bavarian cabbage and bread dumplings

Mixed mushroom stir-fry
served with medallions of pork and potato dumplings

Steak plate
Rump, turkey, and pork steak served with beans wrapped in bacon, grilled tomatoes, and fried potatoes

Thuringian plate
with "Rostbrätl" (pork cutlet), fried sausages, and "Kassler" (cured pork), served with marjoram onions and crispy fried potatoes

Braised pork cheeks
with pineapple cabbage and herb potatoes

We also have a menu that allows you to combine your meat dish with the sides of your choice!


Creamy parfait variations
with sauce paintings and whipped cream

Homemade forest fruit jelly
with vanilla sauce

Warm American chocolate brownie
served with cherries and creamy vanilla sauce

Apricot dumplings
with butter-nut crumbs

Ice cream "à la maison"
with fruit and whipped cream

with vanilla ice cream and raspberry pulp

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